Post-punk, still no future

We are an independent four-piece post-punk/lo-fi/shoegazer band from Basel. Formed in 1995, we have just released the first single from our self-titled debut album which will be released on 26 July 2021. The promotion is 100% DIY and we believe there is never a bad time of year to release music, especially after what we experienced in 2020!

We’ve been inspired by bands such as Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Cat Power, Luna, Nick Drake to name a few. Since we started out as an all-female band, we admire the Riot Grrr Movement and have grown to greatly appreciate the Indigenous influence in music history. The documentary film ‘Rumble — The Indians Who Rocked The World’ (2017) was a total eye-opener. It is an absolutely essential film for musicians who integrate the power chord, distortion and feedback into their music.

Our music is all about music itself — the thrill of breaking the rules, gluttony and pain, fending off sheeple and fear, thinking big and testing systems. It’s about staying inspired and touching souls on this rollercoaster called life.

We may be a bit obscure, but are known in intimate circles by dedicated fans. We have played in underground venues around Basel such as Kulturbeiz 113, Kaschemme, Volksdruckerei, Wagenmeister, Café la Cuna, Archiv, Flatterschafft, Volkshaus Culturium, Ostquay im Hafen, Day Roof at Barfi, Neues Kino, Klybeck-Fest, Rialto Bar, Jägerhalle, Südhaus, Tram Depo am Wielandplatz, Kaskadenkondensator and in Zurich at Bar Offen on the Limmat.

Please check out some lo-fi music videos on our YT channel!