Post-punk classics

Just like classical musicians who play Bach and Beethoven, we interpret post-punk classics. And after so many years of hiding out in our bunker, we have actually started performing more of our own songs and have posted a few lo-fi music videos online.

We may be a bit obscure, but are known in intimate circles by dedicated fans. We have played in underground venues around Basel such as Kulturbeiz 113, Kaschemme, Volksdruckerei, Wagenmeister, Café la Cuna, Archiv, Flatterschafft, Volkshaus Culturium, Ostquay im Hafen, Day Roof at Barfi, Neues Kino, Klybeck-Fest, Rialto Bar, Jägerhalle, Südhaus, Tram Depo am Wielandplatz, Kaskadenkondensator and in Zurich at Bar Offen on the Limmat.

Visit our YouTube channel here: